Speaker Spotlight: Hugh Shaw OBE – IMO Technical Advisor

LOC recently spoke with Hugh Shaw OBE to gather his views on AMCF and why it continues to remain relevant in its third iteration.

Why do you like to speak at AMCF?

As a speaker at AMCF I know that I am addressing both industry and governmental key stakeholders who have a genuine interest in being better prepared for managing, or responding to, marine casualties and who will be undertaking and influencing future challenges and changes.

How does AMCF stand out from similar events?

AMCF is unique in the fact that it is a non-profit event which is arranged by and for the industry but also attracts a growing number of representatives from Coastal States in Asia and Australasia. Such a forum, including industry professionals and national regulators, facilitates open discussion and debate and its outcomes are influential on a global basis.

With ports of refuge so important, why do you think that Singapore is such a key venue to discuss and debate the topic?

Surrounded by some of the busiest waters in the world, including the Straits of Malacca, Singapore and its closest neighbours Indonesia and Malaysia have recognised the benefits of good co-operation and the need for a regional places of refuge plan as an integral part of their preparedness for dealing with marine casualties. AMCF provides an invaluable platform to provide an update on progress made and to discuss the way ahead with key stakeholders in the casualty world.

What do you think about the overall quality and content of the forum agenda?

As with previous AMCFs the planning for the forum has been excellent. LOC has been meticulous in putting together a well-balanced programme for the two-day event that will appeal to a wide and diverse audience. The agenda is well organised and designed covering a plethora of topics including casualty management and response and seeks to address current issues and future challenges.